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Tuesday, December 23, 2008 '
My food intake hasn't improved at all. Last Monday was the PisaYFC party at JVC's crib and I ate I do not know how many pieces of siopao, spaghetti (yum yum), cheese sticks, macaroni salad, junk food and Mentos. The party was cool coz we got to do worship and all and have some games like Charades (lol at this part!) and Touch My Body (nothing R-rated in here, k?). Then, Kuya Gab aka "Friend" and I got to catch up a lot and share stories to each other. The party was really fun, as I said a while ago. Around four hours of Magic Sing.. Not so bad for being a Filipino.

Anyway, I went to the dress shop again a while ago (my mom dragged me btw) since my dear mother wanted to have a purse that matches my gown made. I still cannot understand why parents are more excited about the prom. I admit I was pretty stoked about the prom when I was a freshman or a sophomore but now that it's a little over a month away, I'm not that stoked anymore. Thinking about what you're wearing is exciting but finding a way how to get what you're wearing is the problemo. Now that I'm done with the gown and the purse (even if we could buy from the dept store but hey, the dress shop offered it for free), shoes and jewelry up next. Don't care about the make-up and hair bit. I'm gonna chop my hair off after the prom anyway. Can't wait for that.

Anyone here excited for Christmas? Uhm me.. I guess I'm okay. Not that bummed, not that excited either. I suppose this is the first Christmas I'll have without receiving some cash from the other members of the family tree. Oh well, there's a first time for everything. At least I got that jacket I wanted from People Are People. I still feel kinda guilty that the jacket's pricey but when my mom told me to go get what I wanted, I just HAD to take advantage of it. My mom's pretty against expensive stuff unless it's really needed or there's a special occasion for it. I mean, she has a point in disliking expensive stuff but come on, it's Christmas! I don't ask for much (for now since I'm not getting the camera nor the laptop YET).

Let's venture out into some far out topics, shall we?

Taking this out of my daily dosage of DBSK, I finally found out what the freaking hell does MIROTIC mean. I've searched the dictionary and in but, nada. Then when I watched this interview of the Fab 5 (no, not those from Queer eye, k?) on YouTube (it rhymes with YooChun! YooChoob, YooChun!), they stated that Mirotic means maze-like ish kind of structure. Seriously, I don't get it fully but I kinda get the gist. Mirotic is a fusion of English and Korean aka Konglish, and the term was coined from the eternally pretty and beautiful boy who makes me insecure like hell (come on, he's PRETTY!) even if we have different gonads and gender, Kim Jaejoong. Anyway, he said that Mirotic is "miro", which is maze in Korean plus the suffix, -tic. So I guess Mirotic is maze-like, suspense filled, thrilling, exciting? Well, I wouldn't mind being stuck in a maze with DBSK. Hahaha, kidding there. Well, maybe they're trying to relay that the song Mirotic would put your mind in a maze. Gosh, I still don't get it. But hey, the song's cool. Totally danceable and groovable.

No wonder why they got trapped by some girl who's flying in the vid. Jaejoong was tied up to some wall like he was gonna be raped (poor dude), Changmin's drowning in H2O (or given the illusion that he is in such situation), Micky's stuck inside a crystal, Yunho holding something like some cloth (?) and Xiah (my loves, lol) is uhm, in a, shall we call, multiphoton projecting asylum. Okay. Go laugh at my nerd-ness.

Speaking of such, I still don't get why the hell Mirotic is shall I call it, "sexually inclined". The guys look absolutely HOT (and I mean it!) in the vid. The song's groovy and catchy. I think it's more on the lyrics part. "Red ocean" and "crystal". Okay, I so don't get it.

Just a random thought. Why blame DBSK for the "sexually inclined" number and why not the songwriter? Go blame them if they took part in the songwriting instead yo. Seriously. Anyway, back to what I was trying it say.

According to some site, "red ocean" meant a girl's hymen and "crystal" meant the carrier of the Y chromosome, the male sperm. And I think the lyrics were like, "my crystals are going to go through your veins" and stuff. Forgot about the red ocean bit. Anyway. Biologically speaking (nothing harmful in here, k? just stuff every human being must be highly aware of), the sperm does NOT go into the veins of the woman when it enters the woman's body but it goes to her womb. Plus, red ocean is more like describing a girl's menstrual period. Okay, how can you compare an ocean to let's say, human tissue (since that is what a hymen is). An ocean is liquid, human tissue is solid (speaking of the states of matter).

So, how did human tissue become, a red ocean? Unless those who said that the red ocean refers to the female hymen reads Gossip Girl. Quote en quote from what Serena told Nate, "You parted my Red Sea!". I don't really need to explain on that. Really.

Whatever it is, I'd rather hear the song say "I got you under my skin" rather that "I got you under my sky". That doesn't make sense AT ALL.

Did I mention that there was a line that said "I got you under my skin" in Micky's (I think..) rap in the first part of Rising Sun?

Okay, enough about my analysis. Time for bed. Misa de gallo tomorrow morning. Goodnight y'all.

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Friday, December 19, 2008 '
Back on track

I was gone primarily because of school work. Everything has been piling up, one requirement after the other. I'm expecting that things will be way more hectic in the 4th quarter since there's Research, English and other things like Prom and my summer internship. I think I'll be an intern at Davao Light, but I have no idea what I'll be doing. Then after summer, senior year. Time flies so fast.

Speaking of prom, I haven't lost weight due to stress. Great. And I attend parties one after the other. Even greater. I plan to have my gown made before the end of the year since in January, a lot of people would be having their gowns made and I wouldn't want my gown to be rushed, right? So at least when I have mine done earlier, there are smaller chances of running into someone with a similar design. I'm still pretty unsure of what my gown's gonna look like. We already have a design but my mom and I decided to alter it a bit so we're gonna go to the dress shop tomorrow. As for my body, blah whatever.

Oh shoot. I didn't get to register for the ILC. Too bad yesterday was the last day for registration that the reg fee is discounted. So I guess I'd be paying 1k already, huh? Ok, I'll just make sure I'll get my a** to Cebu and participate in the ILC. I know God wants me to be there. :)

OMG, YFC Christmas party on Monday! Great, more food since JVC's mom is most likely going to cook spaghetti and everyone knows how good the spaghetti is? Lmao, chow time. I guess I won't be eating breakfast on Monday. Hahahahaha.

What did I eat?

Breakfast - rice, adobo and scrambled eggs
Recess (lol) - Pringles (but I shared with Niña and the other teachers)
Lunch - lechon, rice and lengua (YUMMMM)
Dinner - rice and liempo

Cut. Down. On. The. Kanin.

Btw, like my new layout? I featured Xiah of DBSK (my replacement for Wonbin for the meantime. sorry Binnie! hahahaha) there in the navbar. He's super cute, I know you AGREE!

So that's all for now. Bye.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 '
I'm so tired blah
Since I'm in dire need to lose the pounds immediately, I'll only blog daily to take note of what I've been eating and all. A lot of people say that listing down what you ate is effective in losing weight. Let's give it a try. Shall we?

Breakfast - Beef and rye bread
Recess - A ham sandwich and Cream-O
Lunch - Beef, red rice and an apple
Recess - Sprite and an apple
Dismissal - Cracklings and an empanada
Dinner - milk, rye bread and porkchop.

OKAY. Cut down on the sweets and softdrinks. And milk only for dinner. Iwas carbs. Okay, byeeee.


Saturday, November 1, 2008 '
So I've been gone again huh? Ah, the effect of laziness. Boohoo.

The catch is, I've been super duper into photography lately like it's an obsession. I already made two "portfolios" (if you could call those portfolios) and posted it on my Multiply. Also, I joined Fanatic Photographers Society (FPS) which is a photography club so to speak that is based here. Lots of pro photogs there so I can infer that I'm gonna learn lots of stuff about the shutters. And yeah, I've been getting some good feedback on my portfolios and I'm learning a lot. Well, there's still so much to improve on so I'm gonna work on it while I'm still stuck using my cellphone. Hopefully I could get a digicam and a laptop early next year so I could work on a photoshoot, as Hachi suggested. Finding a concept is easy, but finding the model is hard. Hahaha. And yeah, my dad's considering about getting me one of those pro cameras for my graduation gift (actually, I asked my dad. lol) . Of course, I'd start with the basics. And I'm expecting that pro camera if there's extra budget since there are more important things nowadays rather than a camera. Anyway, I'll just wait for that camera to come to me. For now, I'd stick to my cellphone and Photoshop. :)

Did I mention I'm highly addicted to Ugly Betty right now? I'm watching the last few episodes RIGHT NOW. I'm done with Season 1 and now I'm on Season 2. Gaaaah Gio-Betty is way better than Henry-Betty! Can't wait for Season 3 to come out on pirated DVD! =))
So, wanna see my portfolios? :>


I'm gonna leave now. Still have 2 lab reports, 1 film review and 2 problem sets to finish. Boo. Belated Happy Halloween. O_O

PS. My knee is still in the same situation. But better than before. Yay. Youth Camp, here I come!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 '
Torn apart
It's been two days of my "sembreak" and it hasn't been any good at all.

You see, I played badminton quite aggressively last Monday morning after two weeks of being idle. When I play, I do the "split" thing when reaching for the ball. Unfortunately, I did some excessive "splitting" and I ended up injuring my right knee. Okay, I got injured while walking after playing. Anyway, I still managed to eat lunch and walk around in the mall with Joey, Darlene and Danielle (yeah, Darlene's 8 year old sister!). After that, I went home and the pain in my knee started to really get bad when my dad rushed me to change my shorts since he was gonna bring me to the hospital then. Then I started screaming and crying in pain. So I got to the hospital and all and the doctor in the ER said that it could be a torn ligament. As for me, I think it's partially torn. I still could walk properly somehow but I'm just extra careful so as not to errrr.. "dislocate" my femur and shin bone. I only experience pain when I'm going up and down the stairs. So I think I won't be playing badminton for at least two weeks again.. Darn.. I feel like crap when I don't exercise. Oh well, that's life. At least I still got to watch HSM 3 with Hannah and Ate Ren in SM a while ago. HAHAHA.

Did I mention that I haven't started in any of my assignments? As in, ANY? Wow I'm soooo studious. *rolls eyes*


So I hope my right knee gets well in time for the Youth Camp. I don't wanna go limping here and there you know.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008 '
Two days of heaven
Yeah the Korean costume thing went out well, but I'm not blogging much about that here.. Check out my Multiply for pics. :)

So I'm back after.. 3 days? Spent a freaking night without the internet. Amazing, I spent one night without the internet.. HAHAHA. Anyway, I just got back from the Regional Youth Conference for this year, which was held in PWC. It was AWESOME, I'm serious (but I'd expect the ILC to be MORE awesome). I know some people who were supposed to be there didn't come for some reason which is kinda sad, since they missed out on A LOT of fun. The opening program was lively since we had worship immediately then the program, some dances numbers then the competitions. It was much of a bore during the competitions since we just sat outside the girls' quarters playing Mini Monopoly courtesy of Lavi. Then after that, we proceeded to our workshops. I attended the song writing workshop since it was the one that I'd be most interested in anyway.. I learned that when writing a song, it has to be personal and it's like a prayer. And yeah, don't be shy in expressing. Don't think what others say, it's just you and God. Anyway, after that was the Lord's Day. Pretty much like what the Jews did on Sabbath Day. Pass around the bread, drink wine (in our case, grape juice! lol) and pray. After that, we ate dinner and prepared ourselves for the BEST part of the RYC: PRAISE AND WORSHIP TO THE MAX.

This is my second time to take part in a praise and worship session. The first was in the High School Conference in CAP. Anyway, the first who shared during the session was Kuya Jonathan. He worked as a YFC missionary in the Carribean and he shared his experiences there. He told us that it was hard to convince the youth there to join the worship. Like, he stood on stage singing and clapping and jumping then the kids just stared at him. Pretty much like that. But in the end, the kids he handled finally got hang of the worship bit and joined in the fun. The second who shared was Kuya Flip and he shared to us his life as a teen in YFC. He was a member of YFC but he engaged in premarital sex and he was into drinking alcohol and liquor. But by God's grace, he was saved and he was changed. Also, he told us that in life, there are those "OH MY GOD" moments. But if there are those moments, there are also the "ONLY MY GRACE" moments. It really made me think of what good has God done to me but I never really noticed it or even the simplest luck I had actually possessed a deeper meaning. In my life, I've experience SOOOO MANY OH MY GOD moments. From really random ones to really messed up ones, I have too many to mention and as life passes it's amount increases.

Then the BESTEST part came: WORSHIP. A melancholic mix of upbeat and heartwarming slow songs filled the night with music. I just love the worship part. I don't really care about the other activities. I mainly go to YFC events to join the worship. It's like you and God have your tiny little space in between the crowds and in every passing worship that I attend, the "floating" sensation I feel gets more intense. As usual, I cry during worship since I release all my pain and I lift up all my worries, problems and intentions but this crying session was the most emotional so far. Yeah I won't mention why since it's too personal (no love related things involved, k?) but I felt relieved when I cried since I had my friends around me giving me big warm hugs. So to Che, Mariel (researchmate!), Micah and the other people, thanks for the hugs guys! And yes, I'd be looking forward to another worship session in our Youth Camp. Hope to relieve all the pain, again.

After the worship and finals night was sleeping time. I slept for about an hour only since my back hurt and I couldn't figure out what position was comfortable for me to sleep in. So I got up at around 4am with the other people who were joining the Fun Run. Mariel, Fati, Caith and I went to Lispher Inn to take a bath since Mariel's brother and yaya checked in there and we could use the bathroom. Gaaaah, it felt great to have another warm shower after I don't know how many years. I took a bath first and Mariel took the longest time to take a bath. HAHA. In between, Mariel's yaya told us about when Mariel was a kid and she asked us some stuff. Then after that, we walked back to PWC and assembled in the main venue for the Holy Mass. After the Mass was another session and I didn't really remember what the dude said but I remember was that he made us gather in groups and say a prayer together. As all nerds think alike, us Pisayers gathered in a circle, held hands and prayed fiercely. We prayed that no matter what happens to us whether we have jobs, our own families, our own careers, we're in college and other things, we would always stay together in praising God and glorifying Him. Mariel and I also prayed really really hard so that our research paper would be successful and we could join competitions and the like. Then, another worship session and a bit more crying, then it was all over.

Two days of heaven is over.

So after the RYC, I learned some important life lessons..

- God would always love me even if I suck sometimes. In God's eyes, I'm never a failure.
- Heaven is not a place but it is an unforgettable moment kept in our heart.
- God is gracious. He'd never let us down.
- Praising God is best done with the ones you love!

So to those who were there at the RYC, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I'm really glad we all had a great, great bond. God brought us all together therefore we shall LOVE HIM AND OFFER OUR LIVES TO HIM! Amen? AMEN.

So after the RYC (huhuhu), my parents got my things and we headed to Tito Bong's (aka Ate Ara's dad slash Ma'am Muico's husband) wake. It's pretty sad that Tito Bong died since he was one of the RYC's organizers (that's what I heard) and he really wanted us youth to go there and praise God. He was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and he died 2 months and 5 days after the diagnosis at the age of 52 (woah, he's younger than my dad!). As I recall, I never really knew personally and the only time I saw him was during Ate Ara's graduation last year. Anyway, Ate Ara and I were talking about it and we kinda related since my mom's a cancer survivor and all. Ate Ara told me that she was well prepared for it and she's envious of her dad since he's in heaven with God (which is WAY better than Earth). Tito Bong lived a good life, I agree. Even if I didn't know him personally, I know that he did something amazing to make YFC a tool to make us youth closer to God. :)

After the chit chat about Tito Bong, Ate Ara and I talked about other things like the ILC and how YFC changed her life and what it is like to be an active member and all. We reminisced (naks!) the days back in Carnelian Sarykopa.. Hahaha. Ate Ara also shared to me that improving a bad habit must be done slowly but surely. Drastic changes bring drastic results, negative ones I guess. We also shared some secrets and from there, Ate Ara promised me something for our Youth Camp. Well, I won't keep my expectations high so that I wouldn't be frustrated. And, I'd be looking forward to another chika session with Ate Ara.. We got cut short since my parents already picked me up.

So that concluded my absolutely amazing weekend. Badminton mania during sembreak! And assignments. Blaaaaah.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008 '
So I've been gone for five days.. What the hell was up with me.. Hahaha.

I'm still the lazy a** I am, but I think I got worse this time. Just a while ago in Math class, I snoozed the whole time while leaning at the window. Also, I've been forgetting to do my homework and to bring this and that and the like. Sucks right? Oh yeah, I've been more irresponsible. I thought I lost my USB but I just left it at home (hahaha I could sense Ma'am Mendoza wanted to scold me for this.. lol) and I forgot to bring the masking tape for PE (Michael forgot to tell me as well..). My stuff's a mess and highly disorganized. Boooooo.

Fortunately, I got pretty stoked this week since I got a new cellphone (yay!), I finally have a Korean costume (it's not authentic but it pretty much looks like the real thing I guess..), and I have my own Deviantart account.

That's all I've been up to nowadays. I was thinking of making a really long post but then I realized I had to make the Chem labreps. Hahaha!



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